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Expert Fixed and Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Dental implants are an advanced procedure that require proper skills, placement, and care. While dental implants can last a lifetime, this requires choosing the right implant center for your care. 

Although many dentists offer dental implants, it’s important to look for a specialist with advanced training and a track record successfully placing dental implants. From modern surgical suites to a state-of-the-art onsite lab, Aspire Implant Centers is dedicated to providing the best tooth replacement options. Together, our prosthodontist Dr. Michael Drone and board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Timothy W. Surber have placed 10,000 dental implants! 

If you have missing teeth and are trying to decide on the best tooth replacement option, we encourage you to shop around and do research before making a decision. When you schedule an initial complimentary consultation, we’ll thoroughly explain different treatment options and provide you with the full mouth dental implant price in Valparaiso, IN.


Benefit from a Dedicated Implant Center and In-House Lab

At Aspire Implant Centers, we use dental implants from leading companies including Straumann and BioHorizons, both of which are committed to providing the most comprehensive line of clinically tested, science-based dental implants available. We fabricate tooth replacements at our in-house dental lab from the highest-quality dental materials like zirconia. This streamlines the process, keeps costs down by eliminating the need for outside labs, and results in superb outcomes. In addition, our highly personalized treatment and multiple restorative options ensure that you receive the tooth replacement option that best meets your oral health needs and smile goals. You can choose from these options:

dentures model

Traditional Dentures

implant supported denture

Implant Supported Dentures

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Factors That Influence Final Cost

Get The Smile You Deserve in One Day!

With our TeethXpress protocol, you can leave our dental office with a natural-looking temporary set of new teeth in one day. Unlike conventional dental implant treatment that entails waiting 2-6 months for completion of the entire process, you’ll go home with beautiful teeth attached to your dental implants. 

Although traditional dentures are less expensive than TeethXpress, they’re associated with many downsides and need frequent replacement. Full mouth dental implants provide a wide array of benefits, including unsurpassed stability and strength that provide the ability to eat, smile, laugh, and socialize with renewed confidence.

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A New Smile is an Investment in Long-Term Health

Dental implants typically are considered elective and not covered by insurance. While most of our patients are fee-for-service, we accept HSA cards and also offer dental financing from two top-rated third-party financing companies. Credit available in amounts and timeframes to fit your needs helps put the full mouth dental implant cost in Valparaiso, IN and your dream smile within reach!

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Trust Your Smile to the Experienced Team at Aspire

With the combined experience of our skilled prosthodontist, board-certified oral surgeon, and lab technicians, Aspire Implant Centers offers a truly comprehensive implant care experience under one roof. 

We have the expert training, innovative technology, and custom protocols to provide the highest quality care and complete your treatment right the first time, even if your case is complex—with excellent clinical outcomes to back this up!

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