Is Bone Grafting In Valparaiso, IN, Needed During A TeethXpress® Procedure?

a digitial model of a bone grafting procedure.

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If people have low jawbone density and volume, they may need to have a bone grafting procedure first before they can get treated with dental implants. Bone grafting in Valparaiso, IN restores jawbone density and volume so patients have a stable and reliable foundation to place their dental implants on. When people go to a skilled and trusted oral surgeon, however, they won’t need to have a bone grafting procedure in order to get treated with TeethXpress®.

Interested in learning more? Continue reading to learn in more detail why people won’t need a bone grafting procedure when they are getting treated with TeethXpress.


Why Don’t I Need Bone Grafting To Get Treated With TeethXpress?

The TeethXpress concept is a type of advanced dental implant procedure designed to replace a full arch, or arches, of missing teeth. What makes TeethXpress unique is the design and placement of the four to six dental implant posts used during treatment. The dental implant posts are carefully constructed, angled, and placed to optimize the existing bone mass in the patient’s jaw.

This means that bone grafting in Valparaiso, IN, before a TeethXpress procedure, is not needed for those who have low jawbone density and volume. With the assistance of the latest technologies, the quality oral surgeon can strategically pick the exact right places in the patients jawbone to securely place each dental implant post.

TeethXpress enables people with weakened jawbones to skip bone grafting procedures. At the same time, TeethXpress promises several other advantages over other types of dental implant procedure options. These include the ability of the oral surgeon to immediately attach the denture to the dental implants, so patients have a brand-new smile in one surgical appointment. With TeeethXpress, patients will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and have the confidence to share their smile with everyone.


See Us Now So We Can Determine Your Candidacy For TeethXpress

When you have low jawbone density and volume, you will want to come to our knowledgeable oral surgeon for bone grafting procedure. With bone grafting, our oral surgeon can restore your jawbone with enough density and volume to support your dental implants.

If you have previously been told that you are not an immediate candidate for dental implants because you need a bone grafting procedure first, then you should come to our state-of-the-art office for a TeethXpress procedure. With TeethXpress, the oral surgeon will strategically angle and place the dental implant posts in the patients jawbone so they can have a predictable and reliable procedure experience.

Why wait to restore the beauty, function, and health of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Timothy W. Surber, Dr. Michael Drone, Dr. Stephan J. Fairchild, Dr. Howard E. Stevenson, and our exceptional team at our Aspire Implant Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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