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Advanced In-House Technology for Life-Changing Smiles

In addition to being an all-digital practice for your ultimate comfort, our practice has its own state-of-the-art dental lab with talented, highly skilled technicians, 3D printer, and milling machine. At Aspire Implant Centers, our prosthodontist Dr. Michael Drone and board-certified oral surgeon Dr. Timothy W. Surber work closely with our in-house lab technicians to deliver the best possible tooth replacement solutions. 

It’s always our goal to exceed your expectations and investing in the best dental technology available has helped make this goal a reality. Designing and fabricating tooth replacement options on site at our high-tech dental lab in Valparaiso, IN provides the most optimal results. Whether you need dentures, implant-supported dentures, or full mouth dental implants, we’re your go-to practice in Valparaiso, IN for superbly-crafted smiles!

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The Benefits of an in-House Dental Lab

Superb Quality Control

Our skilled lab technicians are part of our team approach, enabling accurate and precisely customized restorations using advanced, leading-edge technology. An on-site lab provides our team with 100% quality control because we can oversee your treatment from start to finish, including fabrication of your prosthesis.

Start to Finish Personalized Treatment

Having one team under the same roof in charge of your entire treatment enables personalized collaboration that simply isn’t possible with an outside dental lab. This helps us create the highest quality, natural-looking dental implant restorations that complement facial aesthetics and closely matches smile previews provided at the onset of treatment.

Convenience and Cost-Effective Solutions

With restorations fabricated in-house, you don’t have to visit another office or wait several weeks while your new teeth are being created. This more convenient and streamlined process means you can enjoy a new smile sooner, and with TeethXpress, walk out of our practice with beautiful temporary teeth in just one day.

Advanced Technologies That Transform Dental Health


Digital Imaging

Digital cameras deliver images used for diagnosis, patient and laboratory communication, shade matching, and treatment planning. We’ve invested in sophisticated imaging software that allows our team to predict how a particular treatment or a cosmetic procedure will change the appearance of your teeth or smile and share it with you. Digital photography ensures the best aesthetic results as well as a comparison of before and after images for post-treatment evaluation.


CBCT Scanner

Short for cone beam computed tomography, CBCT has revolutionized the imaging of the maxillofacial region due to its wide range of applications across the fields of dentistry. We use this advanced imaging technology to evaluate of your underlying bone structure, nerve pathways, and surrounding soft tissues because it provides a more in-depth and complete picture than digital x-rays. During a CBCT scan, the imaging machine rotates entirely around your head and captures about 150-200 images from different angles in less than a minute. These are compiled into a single 3D image we use to personalize precise dental implants and restorations. Combined with software planning prior to implant placement, this technology helps us position dental implants more accurately and safely and use a minimally invasive surgical approach when possible.


Digital Impressions

We use digital impressions for all prosthodontic procedures and also for virtual dental implant treatment planning and implant surgical guides. Using iTero® digital impression technology provides real-time visual impressions and eliminates messy traditional impression material. This is another example of how advanced technology helps our skilled lab technicians precisely fabricate implant restorations without ever making a model.


Smile Simulation Technology

Digital Smile Design is a unique treatment planning protocol that enables our team to carefully analyze your facial and dental structures through state-of-the-art videography and digital technology. With Design Smile Design, you’ll be able to see how your rejuvenated smile will look before you receive your customized restoration.


In-House Milling Machine

Our on-site milling machine enables crafting the highest quality restorations from zirconia. The benefits of zirconia as a dental restoration include high compatibility with the human body, five times the amount of strength as porcelain and other types of crowns, and superior stain resistance. Our in-house milling machine also provides the ability to craft beautiful composite temporary restorations for patients that qualify for our same-day TeethXpress protocol and dentures.

We leverage top technology for superb smile solutions!

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